Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to the Surface!

So I've set up a companion blog to my main writing blog The Underground. This blog, The Surface, will include everything related more heavily to psychology, sociology, evolution, politics-- all these miscellaneous things I have thoughts on. Some subject matter may cross back and forth between the blogs, but for the most part, they should be fairly separate.

So, I'll explain the names. The first book I tried to publish was a series centered around two parallel universes known as The Underground and The Surface. The Surface was very regimented and controlled, and I feel that reflects the psychology part of me. The Surface was a negative place in the story, and I feel a lot of the subject matter that I will discuss on this blog will be depressing (I will discuss abuse, mental health, drug abuse, but those won't be the only things, promise!) but it will also be helpful for those who are suffering mentally or emotionally, even in a small way. This blog will include tips, tricks, and challenges for people who want to improve their mental well-being.

Meanwhile, The Underground, in the story, was a chaotic, anarchist society, so all my writing and artsy stuff will remain there. :) Feel free to follow both, should the subject matter interest you.

Welcome to The Surface! I hope you enjoy your stay.



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